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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Challenge

Over the last few days I had been doing WODs against some friends from around the country online and it was getting pretty heated!  The last one we did started to attract quite a bit of people and we decided we needed a page devoted for this friendly competition.....YOU CHALLENGE I said!

I let them know I had a page I created just for something like this.....and it has begun.  The first WOD:

Overhead Squat 95 / 65
Bar-facing Burpee

My time

I did it again without clapping over head on the burpees and did it faster:

My new time

The winner gets to choose the next WOD for You Challenge (go to facebook.com and like the group!)  Dan Tyminski came up with a good one and I decided to keep it:

5 Rds for time:
8 Squat Snatch 135#
16 Pull ups
24 Box jump 24'

Anyone can feel free to jump in, scaled if necessary.  This is all for fun.  I will be doing it tomorrow morning.  Should be a blast.

It ended up being the top time and the only reason I redid it was because Bobby Noyce did it in 5:23 and I coule not believe how much slower I was, so I had to see if it could be done.  I was happy with the time.  Today I am going to be taking the day off.  I may do my burpees and KBS tonight though.  You never know!

I also heard that the Regional WODs are getting announced tonight when they close people from entering Regionals.  This is crazy considering some people have 1 month to train for the specific movements.  Ultimately the best will win, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out if that is the case.  Still super stoked about Regionals JUNE 10th-12th!!!!


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