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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Trip to Indy

The Indy trip was awesome.  We hit up a lot of WOD and I did 3 of the Games WODs while I was there. 1,2 and 3.  Two of the WODs we did right off the bat wrecked me!

22 Deadlift 315#
200 M Farmers Walk 53# KB each arm
22 Ground 2 Overhead 53# KB each arm
200 M Farmers Walk 53# KB each arm
22 Chest 2 bar pull ups
200 M 40# Sandbag carry
22 Overhead Squat 115#
400 M Run

My time

This sucked on the grip....but was awesome!!!!  Next was one that wrecked the legs:

4 Rds
100 Ft Walking Lunge 45# Plate overhead
30 box jumps 24'
20 Wall balls

My time
Similiar time...and hurt just as bad.  This was a great one and was enough to want to call it a day.  I had also done it before about 2 minutes faster a few months back which shows you how much the first WOD took out of me.  Hope to get a nice rest day in today and then hit it hard tomorrow...  Getting better!


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