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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A great day of training

The day started with a plan to work as much as possible, I started with:

5 Rds
5 push press 155#
5 MU's

My time

I took a 15 minute rest and then:

Snatch complex (power snatch/hang power snatch/squat snatch)

My time

These two WODs were not the best while my shoulder is healing but it let me know where I sat d in movements I have not been able to do. This was my first time doing a WOD with MU and also the first time going slightly heavy in the snatch. After the WODs I did some strength and started with a movement I have nit worked on much, but it ended great:

Overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5



Sumo deadlift 20-20


These felt good tt do but I wanted something to bust my lungs:

3 Rds
20 wall balls
20 box jumps 24'

My time

I went home and then later on in the day I did a WOD with the wife and it was sweet:

Double Helen
1200 M run
63 KBS
36 pull ups
800 M run
42 KBS
24 pull ups
400 M run
21 KBS
12 pull ups

My time

I went unbroken on the 63 KBS which had me very excited.....the pull ups are still tough and I can not do very many unbroken, but I was able to butterfly! After the WOD we had 10 minutes to do shoulder to overhead max:

Max shoulder to overhead

It felt easy but I was talked out of going higher since it was the first time going this heavy, and I felt it was the smart thing to do. I hope tomorrow will be just as good as today was!


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