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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Almost a PR

I worked out at the house today and felt pretty good (based on the exhaustion) about what I did.  I started out with:

3 Rds
15 hang Power Clean 135#
15 burpees

My time
3:21 (1 sec off my pr)

I was happy about this time and know I can beat it.  My burpees felt slow and I broke the Hang cleans in the last Rd.  After:

Push up hand release
Deadlift 225#

My time

Doing more burpees was horrible and the WOD was better then I thought.  Again I was drained at the end and plan to do more burpees tonight along with some strength.

Last night I went ahead and did 50 Burpees in 1:37 and then Deadlifted up to 375# x 3 and 395# x 1.  I think I might just deadlift again some more tonight if I feel up to it.

When I got home I did Burpees and KBS to try and beat Bryn who did 50 of each with a 2 Pood in 5:01:

50 Burpees (1:39)
50 KBS 2 Pood

My time

I had to break the swings up way more then I would have liked and without chalk my hands were very slippery.  I will be trying to improve this time.

When That was over I went down stairs to Deadlift with the Axel bar:

185# Deadlift 50x with Axel bar

My time

I have to keep working on using the Axel bar.

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