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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Active Rest

It is hard for me to rest.  i always have some sort of rest planned.....then something comes up.....it could be an awesome WOD I see or even boredom.  Today I am trying to not do anything.  I wanted to do some running though and actually found a great hill.  I ran 1/2 mile to the hill and then:

10 Hill Sprints
my time 7-10 sec. each sprint

The hill had a long steady incline side and a steep shorter side.  The shorter side I averaged a 7 sec run.  The other side about 9 sec.  I ran 5 on each side.  The sprints felt good but it would have been better with a vest.

I am going to go home tonight after work and enjoy time with my family!  I am excited for that.  Then tomorrow I will be hitting up some WODs that Patrick Cummings sent me from Again Faster.  They look good and I plan to get the 5 of them completed this weekend.

When I got home I did my old Burpees and KBS:

50 burpees (1:36)
50 KBS

My time

I did 33 unbroken and them I did 5 and then finished it with 12. I hurt, but the KB got very slippery at the end.


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