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Sunday, April 3, 2011

WOD 11.2....not me....the Wife

Yesterday I had the day off and was able to go and Judge my wife on WOD 11.2.  She is really excited to do it....as I would be.  She warmed up while I did DU's.  I was able to get over 1 hundred a few times, but after that I would fail......that frustrated me.  In any case my wife was ready to go.

358 points.....9 Rds + 9 Deadlifts + 12 Push ups + 13 Box jumps.  She was on pace for 10 but on her 13th box jump she hit the box and had to step back and redo the rep which cost her the 10 Rds.  She still surpassed her and my expectations.  I cannot believe how hard she pushed and was in awe the whole time.

I then through myself in the mix and did a WOD:

10 Min AMRAP
15 Box jumps 24'
20 Back Extensions
25 DU's

My score
5 Rds + 15 Box jumps

I started off quick on the box jumps but had to back off fast.  I would swings my arms and it would shoot pain right through my left side.  I was able to continue jumping with my arms on my chest but had to step down really slowing my pace.  I was happy with how I did considering I did not stop other then the slow box jumps. 

I feel great about the WOD though because 2 days ago I tried jumping on a 20' box and could not do it due to pain.  Another step in the right direction!

I then woke up this morning and went on a quick run but cut it to only 1 mile because I had to get ready for work and did not give myself enough time. 

I was also thinking while lying in bed that I waste a lot of time.  Especially now that I have been laid up.  I came up with a self quote to keep me motivated.  it may not keep you motivated like it will me.....but I still like it!


In everything I do I will make it count in life.  Eventually my time here will run out and I want people to know I made everything I did was worth my time.  I want every moment to matter!


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