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Thursday, April 14, 2011

To be......or not to be

Everyone has a choice to be something.....WHAT, is up to u. Some follow their dreams others have "reasons" why they didn't. I believe that everyone has the choice. I choose to reach goals that seem unreachable because I believe anything is possible, I truly do. There is no reason why things are not possible if you believe....... work harder then anyone believes you can and achieve them.....they will have their reasons for your success.  But, you will know and never forget the work you put in which makes the achievement possible and that much better.  If you do not reach your goal or dream, I am sure if you go after it 100% you will achieve more then you would have with the what if or if I was lucky mentality.

For me.....I will win the CrossFit Games. Most people think that is a fun goal, but, they really do not believe I can.....or at least I know many do not. That is fine with me.  I will work my butt off and know that if I do I have the opportunity to win the Games.

Now, the to be......or not to be.  The choice I talked about earlier.....that is where the effort comes forth.  Many people talk a great game but lack action needed to succeed.  Today I was at the Box and was getting ready to walk out and thought......whoever wins the Games this year is not leaving the gym.  I set my bad down, set up a rack and designed a WOD:

5 Rds
Each Rd lasting 1 Min with :10 Rest
10 Back Squat 135#
Max DU's

My score

he score is the number of DU's I got in each Rd.  The rest time was used to jot down my score.  I was lazy and did not bring in my jump rope and grabbed a gym one and it showed.  I messed up quite a bit and could not get a rhythm going. 

It felt really good to squat.  not sure how heavy I can go with the collar bone,  but this was pain free and I was able to keep my chest up pretty well.

This made me feel so much better and really solidified that I make the decision on how good I can be and how hard I will push myself.  One let down and someone can pass me.  I will prepare myself as much as possible and be ready for anything.


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