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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The "OPEN"

Well....the day arrived where things started to click.  On 4/21 I was able to snatch 75#!  Coincidence, I think so......WOD 11.1 is not ready to be tackled:

Open WOD 11.1
30 DU's
15 Power Snatch 75#

My score
8 Rds + 7 DU's
367 points

I was happy with this considering my lungs felt like this was my first Crossfit WOD!  I felt horrible....but loved being able to complete it pain free.  After the WOD I started to power clean and ended up doing 255#.  The day was awesome.
I had plans to try WOD 11.2.......I tried a couple of push ups and new I could get through it:

Open WOD 11.2
9 DL 155#
12 Push ups hand release
15 Box jumps 24'

My score
11 Rds + 1 PU
406 Points

I felt great again, only slow.  I did not get to be really fatigued like I did in WOD 11.1, but I did learn some things.  The most important being how to jump fast again on the box.  It took me a few Rds of jumping slow to get my confidence back.....then I felt great.

I new I could power clean at this point but had not placed much weight overhead.  Soooo......I place 155# on the bar and tried to clean and push jerk it........NO PAIN!  YES!   Next.....Squat clean.....good again.   I then put it all together and did a squat clean and jerk.  I now new WOD 11.3 was doable.   WHY NOT RIGHT NOW....so 1 hour after 11.2:

Open WOD 11.3
5 Min
AMRAP 165#  Squat Clean and Jerk

My score
66 Points

Super stoked to get this back in my arsenal.
I went in to get 11.5 done this morning.  I had tried a dip and could not put pressure on my shoulder so I new 11.4 was not in the running yet.  I was still unsure about Toes 2 Bar as well.  Until I jumped up and did 3.  Painful but very doable.  I figured a game plan up......if I break up the T2B 6 and 4 I should be able to give my self enough rest in between  as to not irritate it to much.  Well.....that worked out great and I was able to get through it:

Open WOD 11.5
5 Power Clean 145#
10 T2B
15 Wall Balls 20#

My score
11 Rds + 7 Wall balls
352 points

I went unbroken on the wall balls which just 3 days ago I was not able to do.  I was sure I would be fine when I decided to try 2 Min of Max wall balls after I was able to do 1 pain free the day after I could not do 1.  I went 65 unbroken in 2 min...........I am getting closer and closer!  Very excited!!!!


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