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Thursday, April 7, 2011


My first NAMED WOD since getting hurt.  Michael came up on Main Site a couple days ago and I was pumped, "A WOD I can do!'  I went to the box yesterday and was able to do this during one of the classes:

3 Rds
800 M run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit ups abmat

My time

After i finished the WOD i put it into beyondthewhiteboard.com and realized that it was supposed to be done with GHD sit ups.  Oops!  I did not care because it was still tough on me.  My hamstrings were still tight from the DL's the other day and jumping on the back extensions after the run was brutal on them.  Overall I liked it and want to find some WOD's that have running in them that I can begin doing as I recover.

This morning I was planning to get some work done until I some how over slept and missed the 5:30 AM class.  Now this was not just a oops, I wish I could have gone.......I taught the class!.....or at least was supposed to.  I feel horrible to everyone who came in and was without a coach.  So, instead of doing some work I did the guilty feeling all morning.

I did get in the basement and do some barbell holds and a 3 min AMRAP of lunges where i stepped backwards and pressed off the back foot to work the quads.  I was able to get 97 going at a slow but steady pace......and the collar bone continues to heal slow and steady as well.


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