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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heavy Deadlifts....

Everyone has their definition of what is heavy.  Right now, for me, everything is heavy when it comes to what my shoulder can handle.  So when I worked up to doing 225# Deadlifts.....and then was able to use it in a WOD......I was ecstatic!  As of late I have been very happy on hear with my progression.  But, none more then yesterday.  When I got off work I got to the Box early before coaching.  Here is what went down:

8 Rds
200 M Run
5 Deadlifts 225#
7 GHD sit ups

My time

I can always go faster but the fact that I was able to get through this with consistancy in my pace excited me.  I will continue to improve!

I did push a little to much and got overly excited and tried a little more weight after the WOD.....365#....when I pulled it off the ground about 4 inches I felt the shoulder beginning to give so I dropped it/  maybe another day.


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