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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hang Power Cleans.....My New Best Friend

Since I have been able to pull a barbell I have been deadlifting and hang cleaning ever since. So....a new one....that actually started to get the collar bone to feel weak so I changed it up mid WOD:

EMOTM 11 Min: Hang Power Clean 115#

Perform rep scheme every minute on the minute for 11 minutes. I planned to go up to 20 but when I got to 15 the collar bone started locking up so I worked my way back down. My grip started to go to the point that I had to break up the sets starting at minute 8. I would do 8, drop it and then finish.

Overall this was nice and I increased the weight from yesterday. I am hoping to amp up my grip and keep my upper back and shoulders strong so I can hit all the games WODs before week 7 ends and have my scores submitted to the site. I just realized I may not be able to qualify for the games but I can still see where I stand if I can get my scores in before the final week ends. Should be an exciting ride. And GO CROSSFIT SOUTH BEND! You can make it to Regionals!!!!!!


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