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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting better never felt so bad

As I progress and get better I more and more realize that I am out......broken record I know.  But, in a few weeks I will be 100%....run through the Open WODs and NOT be in......building back my strength and lunges.  It is great getting better......but hurts to watch this competition on the sidelines when I know full well I will be able to compete when the Regional comes around.  But.....having the Box make it to the Regional would help soothe the pain.

On to the WODs.  Yesterday was a good day....but had me realizing I have lost some of my "Go":

20 Min AMRAP:
6 Deadlifts 225#
9 Box Jump 24'
12 Pistols (alternating legs)

My score
11 Rds

This was a good one for me but had me taking my time.  The pistols were brutal and I was going pretty sloe through them.  I need to keep working on them.  It reminded me of the Arnold when we did "Mary" but I busted through them like nothing.....it was probably the adrenaline of competition, that always pushing me to another level.

After a break:

Tabata Sprints
12% incline

Sucks just as much as I remember, still great to do it at 9 MPH.

This morning I woke up ready to go.  I wanted to do some heavier power cleans from the ground.  The first time doing them....and I felt I could handle them:

10 Rds (:30 sec per Rd)
5 Power Cleans 135# every

I was able to get through all the Rds in under :12 and went unbroken on all of them.  I liked the feeling from this WOD.  Other then the pain I started to get in my collar bone....but it was one I was able to push through. 

I will see what tonight holds.  Hopefully something good!  And.....I CANNOT wait to do Burpees....they are my life blood!


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