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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Blur

These last few days have been a blur.....I have increased my training and am starting to feel better and better.  I am unable to go overhead with heavy weight or lower it back down to my chest but most everything else I am pretty good with.

The best thing....I did a MU this morning....and not just 1 but 2!  Oh ya!!!  I am still leary of dropping from the rings to cycle them because I can tell that I am still not ready for that physically, but I am getting there. 

This whole weekend has been a blur......and something else.....a BIG something else......I may be in Regionals...if what I read is right and I stay in the top 60 after WOD 11.6.  That would be unreal, but thrusters are my enemy right now and I cannot bring the bar down to my chest pain free and pull ups are very difficult for me.  We will find out how I do soon.....and hope that everything I have read is accurate about me potentially being able to compete in Regionals.....

This morning I had a good training session:

Wall balls
Hang power clean 95#

My time


Deadlift 225#
Box Jump 24'

My time

This was horrible and Ineed to ramp up my stamina in many of my lifts....especially Deadlifts.  When I finished this WOD I did some DL work including a 385# pull form a 25# bumper plate.  I felt good about this and need to keep on it.

I wanted to then Row 2000 M.....but changed it to 2 x 500 M.  I did the same thing yesterday but 400 M.  I want to work on rowing and feel I will build myself back up.


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