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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Better and Better is always Better

Everyday I have been feeling better......and that makes me feel better.  Better with my mental attitude and with my motivation.  I have been a ble to do more therefore it has aloud me to push myself more.  I am excited to get back at it and hope in 2 weeks or so I can complete all the Open WODs and submit sometimes. 

I was able to try a pull ups yesterday....which I could not pull yet.....but I still tried.  I did 95# Hang Cleans, squated with 135#, Held in the dip position, and strung 5 push ups together!  It is exciting and I feel so blessed to be able to do these movements after 4 weeks. 

Yesterday I had some fun:

5 Rds:
20 DL 185#
30 Air Squats
25 Sit Ups (ABMAT)

My time

This felt great to push through.  At the gym I found out I could do hang cleans:

3 Rds (1 Min Rest between Rds):
Max Reps 95# Hang Clean

My scores

I enjoyed this a lot. The first time I was able to throw weight......and it was awesome!!

I woke up in the morning and was able to make it to class.  When class ended I worked on 20' Box jumps to see how going fast would feel.  I did two sets of 50 unbroken jumps. I then warmed up with some DU's and then hit a WOD:

4 Rds
20 Hang Power Clean 95#
50 DU's

My time

This one got me feeling the pain I love!  I have more and more been finding WODs that do this to me with all the movements I have added since being hurt....and now that I am able to go close to 100% during some of these WODs it helps bring up my moral.

I cannot wait to do my burpees and KBS again!  That will be a great day!!!


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