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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stepping Back

I woke up Monday with a plan I had been ready for all week. I was going to do Fran followed by Bull. I was hoping for a PR in Fran or at least a sub 2:15. When I got to the box at 12:30 I was ready to go. Chels started the iPad 2 to record the action. I was getting ready to finish Fran when things turned a 180......I jumped on the bar and was getting ready to fly back down to finish my final rep on Fran when I lost my grip and went flying off the bar.......

"What just happened......?" Huh.....I stood up confused...."What just happened?" I looked at Chels as she was in shock. " I think I broke my collar bone.". No pain, but I knew something was wrong. When I landed on my should I felt a snap and then when I rolled over I felt a snap back in place.....still no pain. Adrenaline is an amazing hormone. It took about 30 minutes until I felt anything, but I knew the result of the fall.

Stepping back....I started to think about the timing of the injury, all the work, the sacrifice, the expectations......all for nothing! Not true.....everything I did Up to this point has made me better and stronger as an athlete and a person. I thought that my training was all for "The Crossfit Games," the competition I have dreamed of competing in since finding Crossfit. But, I realized something, thanks to Crossfit I found an outlet, a passion, something to pursue, and a way to compete everyday! I do not need the Crossfit Games to show everything I have worked for. Thanks to Crossfit I have an outlet everyday to compete against myself and time to push my limits.

Stepping back I see the big picture. A picture that is clear and bright. I know I will get to Compete again in a few weeks and keep pursuing my ultimate goal of being the fittest and healthiest I can. It could have been worse.....I was very close to landing on my head, or worse on the bar less then a foot away. That is the miracle I only have a broken collar bone. In all that can happen this is minimal, it shows how little control we truly have over our lives. The miracle of life is unbelievable, the little things we take for granted are the ones that mean the most. I will use this small set back to open up my eyes and truly hold onto every single moment big or small..

I will be back to compete and plan on doing everything I can to be better next year..... I feel i was given the gift to continue training and will use it to be the best! But, I know if anything steps in front of me I will accept it. It is easy to blame and complain. I am thankful for what happened.....I am thankful.....it has shown me how lucky I have it!

Thank you all for you kind words, support, and prayers! Good luck to all who start to compete today, hold on to every moment and enjoy it!!!!!

The Video of the Accident-



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