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Friday, March 25, 2011

Messing around at home

Last night I got home and the wife was off to a ladies night and I got to hang out with Jada for a short time before bed. Then I started messing around with what my body would let me do. I began to try abmat sit ups....not happening...eventually I found my body able to do bent knee leg raises, Squats, and calf raises:

Last night:
60 knee raises
150 air squats (4:01)
60 knee raises
159 calf raises
50 knee raises

No time on any of these except the air squats. I went really low on every rep but with my collarbone it makes me unable to keep my chest up making it hard for me to get low. The knee raises helped to burn my abs but not anything close to giving a good workout. The calf raises burned as usual.

I am still continuing to gain range of motion and having less problems with sharp pains when I move wrong. I plan to continue trying new things while I rehab back to 100%.


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