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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting some work in

Yesterday was the first day I would say I got a WOD in. Not really a WOD a but it felt good. A couple days ago I began doing air equate and also some bent holds as I call them. I bend over and activate my posterior chain for as long as I can. As for what I did yesterday:

300 walking lunges

My time

Someone in the box (Abby) turned off the clock as I was walking so the time may be off a bit. I will be doing lot of these as I hold my hands to my chest and walk pain free. After:

4 sets
20 back extensions

The back extensions felt good as well. I will continue to find ways to keep moving and get as much of my body involved as I can while I heal (pain free). I am doing a lot of air square as well and think in a couple weeks I may do a 1 hour air squat AMRAP. That should be crazy. Just inn at the box challenged me to do 1000 air square but that seemed ridiculous so I said 1 hour. We will see if it happens or not. We will see what I do today! Hoping to get work in everyday from here on out as I work to recover and towards the 2012 Games!

This morning I video taped myself. I will continue to do this to monitor my progress. I felt good but have to hold my arms up. I was able to speed up the sir squats as I got more comfortable:

100 Air squats

My time



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