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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feels Good to "WOD"

Did my first "WOD" since breaking my collar bone on March 14th. Felt awesome to GO!

5 Rds
50 DU's
30 Air squats

My time

I was able to hit all the doubles unbroken but still cannot go to fast on the air squats. I have to hold my arms up on my chest as I do them with my chest dropping making it difficult to hit below parallel. I loved the feeling though when I finished. I am going to be doing this again as a 10 Min AMRAP.....and probably quite a bit until I am able to increase movements I am able to do. And.......one thing that is tough for me.....today is the last day to submit for the Crossfit Games. I was thinking of submitting 30 DU's just to have a score in to try to help Crossfit South Bend down the road if I am able to do some of the WODs. But.....the Games website is not allowing me to submit anything.....so, maybe that will not happen.

In any case I have come to the realization that I am not competing as an individual, but that does not mean I do not want to compete in dome fashion. I can do 30 DU's and did them as my wife watched. So.....why not submit 30 for my own sanity. I hate feeling like I have to keep explaining myself and am now going to do what I want to do, that is to do what I can, not be stupid and enjoy the season in what ever aspect I can. good luck to everyone and thanks for the support!


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