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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Excitement on a Rope

30......the score I now know I can get on the 11.1 Open WOD. Last night I was messing around again:

100 Air Squats:

My time

They felt good and kept a good pace throughout. I was planning to do more of the same from the other night until Chels asked me if I could jump rope yet. i said I had not tried and began to jump to see how the collar bone felt. Before I was unable to jump......this time a different story was written. I jumped and began swinging my wrists and began going higher until I realized if I had a rope I would be able to do DOUBLES.

Chels then said, "Why don't you grab your rope?" I hesitated a second and then went to the basement to bring it up. I began my first jump rusty. I stopped after 4 when I hit my bare toe with the wire rope.

"Are you ok?" Chels asked.

"Ya I just nailed my 2nd toe, going to get shoes."

Grabbed my shoes and began again. 34! Nice. I told her I was going to go for 100, I felt good enough and wanted to get some sort of work out of my new found movement. 54 came next. Then 74! I kicked the carpet out from under me. 95!

"I am going to get 100!"

104! I set the rope down and smiled. I did it and no pain. Only a tight shoulder which was normal with the injury. I am ecstatic and ready to keep progressing.

I am at a crossroad. I have 1 day to decide if I am going to try the Games WOD. I know I can get 30 points and I think that if I place my arm tight on my body I can get 75# up and then drop it pain free.......allowing me to get a few RDS in and another week to recover giving me a small shot at getting to Regionals Individually!

The decision will be made soon.....I want to be smart about me decision though......


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