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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Continuing to Heal

As I continue to heal my spirits continue to lift. I have been noticing more mobility in the arms and am now able to lift DB's and put pressure on the arm. I took X-rays yesterday and still have a noticeable break...but....bone is forming which is a great sign. I did some work yesterday as well:

5 Rds
50 DU's
30 Air squats

My time

Messed up on some of my Double. After the WOD I did 110 straight Doubles followed by 192. I was very excited. I continued to play around with then until I got to class to coach and decided to go for another RD of Max DU's:

My score
258 (PR)

I felt like I was on auto-pilot after 150 a cannot believe i was able to get this number. My old PR was 249. This morning when I got to the box I did Max Back Extensions: 51 I have been playing around with them everyday when I am in the gym and am now holding DB while I do them as long as using static holds at the top. Nice to be able to keep getting better! Cannot wait to start hitting the WODs hard again!

I will be coaching tonight and look forward to doing some more!


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