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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brushing My Teeth

Brushing my teeth today was awesome, I was able to use my left hand! The great part is I am left handed and have not had a good brushing in 2 weeks...it makes me happy that I can now brush properly and not like my 14 month old daughter who chews on hers. Just another step in the right direction and towards cleaner whiter teeth.

This morning the class was great. After class I was able to do back extensions and boy did they take my mind off the shoulder. After awhile your back gets so tight that you stand with a beautiful arch:

4 Rds: Max Back Extensions (Almost)

40 / 33 / 35 / 31

I say almost because I could have done more but feared not being able to get off the GHD machine. Instead I stopped when I knew I was still able to unlock my feet and get off with one hand. It still left my back feeling tight and I loved it. Anything I can do that gets me feeling like I did something at this point is a good thing. And everyday I wake up I feel better and better. Soon, I feel, I will be able to run and do SOME upper body exercises. Excited to be training again!


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  1. Weew, that is a tiresome morning. I can just imagine you doing the workouts for 4 rounds! Whew, that is tough. Anyways, it's hard to brush your teeth well with your other hand and you just did it. Your brushing jumpstarted your day! And you have a better body before lunch. Kudos!

    Kathy Frederickson