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Friday, March 18, 2011

Broken Bones Heal

Collar Bone is feeling much better today. I have a lot more motion now and am able to move in directions I haven't since.....well....Monday. It is a good sign, ready to start training! But, first we are heading to Indianapolis in the morning where i would have been doing the Open WOD. instead I will help Judge and motivate people. Should be a fun trip!

One thing, on the lines of training, Crossfit South Bend decided to create an affiliate team in hopes of making it to Regionals. That would be awesome because you do not have to complete all 6 WODs of the Open to participate in Regionals! This is special News I was not aware of. So.....I am thankful that they even thought of doing this and hope the best for everyone competing for the Box. It will be awesome to watch.....and no matter what the outcome is I am thankful to have a crew like them back at the Box.....

Thank You Everyone!!!!

They also gave me a sweet card yesterday morning, I understand my circumstances are not bad by any means.....but the fact that they recognized me enough to do that and that they know how much Crossfit and the Crossfit Games mean to me is awesome of them. Thank You ALL!


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