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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes at "The Arnold".....A Wife who deserves the World

When I first started Crossfit I loved the individual aspect. Being able to rely solely on your self. Your training benefits when others do not train as hard or as smart as you. I love relying solely on myself, with all the blame placed on me if I do not live up to expectations. At least I thought it was all on me.......I know now that is not true. I have someone who works behind the scenes harder then I do......My Wife!

My wife is there at every competition rooting me on. She has me STOCKED with food and encouragement. She knows my weaknesses and she is my number 1 fan......but I need to prove myself to her more then I do to anyone else! She is the one yelling in every video.....and when I finish the WOD she is the first one to make sure I am drinking and eating enough. This is not junk food either....she makes energy bars, salads, meat balls (turkey, chicken, you name it), and ensures I have more then enough for the day or week. The time she puts in is unbelievable. I cannot thank her enough. I bet it must feel like a thankless job......but I want to say thank you and I consider you a huge part in me being where I am in all aspects of life.....and to top it off she does it while taking care of our 1 year old Jada at every event! AMAZING!

I cannot say enough about the things she does behind the scenes. She always brings me down to earth when I get excited and brings me up when I am down. She is my wife and my coach.

I want her to know nothing she does unnoticed. I would not be, in any aspect of my life, as successful as I am with you in it! Thank you for all you do.

As for working out today:

Wall balls 20#
Hang Power Clean 95#

My time

Grip was shot which made it very difficult to keep hold of the bar:

10 Min rest -

Max back squat 95#

My score

Hoping that tomorrow I can completely get into the swing of things. It will all depend on if my lats and arms are better.....still messed up from Mary.....I am scared of Mary!!!


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  1. Love this post. So awesome of you to recognize how hard your wife works for your success. :)