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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Arnold....Part II

Sunday morning came with me hoping that the pain would subside so i could get through the day....instead the pain increased. This was the first moment in my life that the anatomy of the human body was clear. I could point out exactly where the Lats began in my lower back and where they ended in my upper back, I knew the exact size and width of every muscle in my back. I could easily close my eyes and paint a picture of the anatomy of a human back with every intricate detail of the back. As for my arms....I could not bring them over my head nor straighten them. I woke up and stuck my arm between my leg to help straighten it out.....to much pain. Chelssie had purchased a rolling "stick' to help loosen muscles.....it worked......it also made me learn how to make new faces. I was rolling around whimpering and squinting like a little puppy dog. Horrible!

Then....back to the Arnold. We started the day with a WOD where we had to carry a 100# Med ball across the Ballroom about 50 M away to a 6 ft wall, throw the ball over the wall and then follow it, we then picked the med ball up and ran around the wall back to the start.....1 rep.....AMRAP 5 minutes. There were 2 other people in my group and we had 2 med balls.....2 people work at the same time while one person waits.

It was a lot of fun and I forgot about my arms. We did 22 Rds and after the 5 minutes and I actually felt loose.....for about the next 5 minutes until my arms locked back up in a 90 degree angle.

Here came the tricky part, if anyone knows me they know I did not come all this way to sit on my but. The problem was they had to make a cut of the bottom 50%. My team was in a tie breaker to go home. Oh no...not if I have anything to say about it. The tie breaker:

6 60# med Balls had to be ran the 50 M and around the wall....we had 3 team members.....GO.....I was the first one around the wall and had my first ball dropped and then i realized....this is a weakest link work out.....I was only as strong as my weakest link and it was just now rounding the corner while the other team was now picking up there last 3 balls. We were going to be done. They finished the final lap and started celebrating.

I could not even swing my arm for the chance of injuring my muscles even more to show my feelings. Noe what? I was done.....Fortunately I am a good negotiator...I went to Rogue and started to ask if I could jump on another team......NO!!

Bill Henninger and Brian Yoak were not having it. After i realized it was useless i started pouting in the corner with my friend Nick Fory. Then an angel.....my team member came up to me and said we were in! They had expanded the field and add mine and Nick's team back in!!!! Yes!

The next WOD was:

10 Min AMRAP

Axel Deadlift 225# with a Parallel Grip (no switch grip on the bar, palms had to both be facing the body)

While 1 person is Deadlifting the other 2 run 2 laps and then you can stop and switch members to have them start deadlifting. No one is a loud to begin to lift until all members have completed 2 reps and all members are present at the bar.

We began to strategize....my first partner could not pick up the axel bar....great....the other one said he was good. the bar was very slick and with a parallel grip it was very difficult to grip because it spun as well. An axel bar is about 2 inch thick pipe. Very hard to grip!

I started on the bar and started lifting. My partner came and relieved me, then i relieved him and began lifting again. the next time I came back he said his grip was shot! We were about 4 minutes into the WOD. i said I would sit on the bar and just keep lifting. They ran I deadlifted the rest of the time. We ended with 73 reps.

When I got back i told Chelssie what happened and she said he did not even get a rep the last time he was at the bar.....demoralizing.....we were done for sure......then the rankings came out.........WE WERE DONE!

Now what? ....Again.....i started my negotiating........"Brian....any teams need someone?" People were leaving early because they did not know it was lasting a full 3 days....so teams were getting sponsored athletes added to them left and right....why not me? "NO!" Brian would yell at me! I told Chelssie we could go....I did not want to watch the final event if I was not going to be in it.

And then.......another Angel....Kevin Montoya walked up to me.....he had done Mary with me on Friday and his arms were permanently locked at 90 degrees. He looked as though he was walking around making a diamond sign on his stomach all weekend, probably how i looked to everyone else...."You want to take my spot on the final WOD? my Team moved on." "Yes" I said. "Let me ask Brian" I had high hopes. Kevin came back and said Brian said no....as he was telling me this I saw him walk over to Spencer Hendel if he would join the team, an immediate no came out of his mouth.....so i put my negotiating hat on and yelled to Brian...."Brian.....I am still a go if you need me!!!!" He smiled and raised his pointer finger letting me know to hold on.....was I in?

Kevin later walked over and said Brian said i could take his spot...Yes!!!!

The Final WOD:

2 Rds

40 Burpees (2 people working at the same time)
500lb Yoak carry 30M
60 KB swings 1.5 pood (2 people working)
500lb Yoak carry 30M
30 Wall climbs (2 people working)

Our time:

2nd place overall in the final event. It was a lot of fun and a blast.....to top it all off Graham Holmberg came up to me and grilled me about my numbers and how much I could lift. He then invited me to his gym to train with him! What an honor.....he said he would get a bunch of people together so we could all throw down.....I am very excited for that.....but first........



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