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Monday, February 28, 2011

Unknown WODs are great

Last night I asked a friend to help a brother out with some WODs. I had plans to go to the early class and train and then i was stumped....what to do? I asked a friend (Bryn) to send me to random WODs and I would do them after the class.....good....or bad mistake:

Class WOD:

Deadlift 1 RM
415# (Back started to round so I worked on keepin it tight)

Shoulder Press 1 RM
195# (FAILED)

For time
500 M Row
50 Air squats
40 Wall balls
30 Burpees

My time

Good quick WOD that really burned the legs. Next was Bryn's 1st WOD:

7 Rds
7 135# Squat Cleans and jerks
7 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups

My time

Rough WOD.....i just tried to keep moving.....not fast.....but just keep moving. This is one of those that after 2 Rds i thought I would never hit 7 Rds.......Next WOD:

10 Rds
3 315# Deadlift
6 Clapping Push ups

My time

When I saw the clock at the final GHD's, I wanted to get sub 12, did not happen. This one was not as bad as the 1st WOD and I was able to go unbroken. I really concentrated on the deadlifts for good form. Great programming from Bryn. I did not want to do the last WOD.....but got a push from my wife and she did not even know it! Thanks!


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