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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Torn Hands

Torn hands are not a badge of honor. I hate when my hand tear.....A) it hurts..B) It is hard to do anything with them..C) the skin gets tight and keeps tearing while trying to heal..D) it hurts.

People talk about torn hands as a good thing......I can not think of one good thing that comes from torn hands. Today.....Yesterday I tore my hand bad. The day started off well:

1 Rep max OHS

My weight

There was a big class so i was not bale to go up in weight. It felt light and I think I could have gotten 300+. I will try later in the week. Next:

15 Min AMRAP
7 Front Squat 95#
9 Pull ups

My score
20 Rds + 5 FS

This was was tough and really was perfect because it kept me working the whole time. I love not having to rest. I feel like I get so much out of these WODs......I was not expecting my hands to tear so much though! It is even hard to type! Fortunately.....it will heal. Later that night:

50 burpees

I talked to my wife last night at her birthday dinner.....she just turned 25....is in the best shape of her life and looks better then ever and is smarter then ever. You are amazing....we talked about me changing from 50 burpees a night to 75. So....tonight begins 75 burpees....should be fun. I am also changing to the 2 Pood KB at night as well and go for 50 after my burpees. The ultimate goal is unbroken on both one after the other. Always trying to improve!


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