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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturdays Competition in Ann Arbor

First off, after the first WOD my back felt GREAT!  And I was very excited to get through 6 WODs in 1 day and feel as good as I do.  I will get into and post the WODs:

WOD 1:
225# Max Rep Deadlift in 1 Min
-1 min rest-
275# Max Rep Deadlift in 1 Min
-1 min rest-
315# Max Rep Deadlift in 1 Min
-1 min rest-
365# Max Rep Deadlift in 1 Min

Min 1: 25
Min 2: 18
Min 3: 6
Min 4: 2

I took it easy on this WOD because it was very intense and all back.  I placed 27th in it and knew there was little chance of winning the comp even if I won all the other events.  But, fortunately I was able to go 100% on every other WOD:

WOD 2:
12 Min AMRAP

9 T2B
15 Push ups (Hand Release)
21 Air Squats (on a ball)

My score
9 Rds + 5 T2B

2nd place

30 Back Squat at 255# on 10 inch box

My time:

4th place

WOD 4:

My time

I had to break up the pull ups on the 15's and did singles on the pull ups for the 9's.  I was thinking I was going to get a PR but the T2B messed up my grip more then I thought.

WOD 5 (Only the top 20)
3 Rep Max Clean and Jerk (10 minutes to find it with :45 once you start your 1st rep to get 3 reps)

My weight

1st Place

I tried to do as little reps as possible so I started with 245# and then did 255# until someone got that and ended with 265#.  This was the Semi-final and only 20 men made it to this event.

WOD 6 (Only the top 10)
Row 2 K
3 Rds
10 Squat Clean 135#

2nd place

My time

There was a 18 minute time cap.  Only 4 men I believe finished this WOD.  It was brutal I cramped up on the rower and my feet went numb in my new shoes (never do a competition with new shoes).  Overall I finished 4th and was happy.  Great job Hyperfit and Doug Chapman.

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  1. sweet deal...I have to try that 2k row one it looks brutal and would def go on my sucklist.