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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Morning!

Sometimes you wake up and feel horrible.....this morning was not that morning. I felt great....sore....but great. i got to class to teach at 5;30am and decided to join in on the WOD. We started with:

1 K Row



Not a PR....but I know with a push or a little more mental strength i would have had sub 1:40 which was the goal. Ultimately the goal is sub 1:30. This will happen. After the class I did:

Shoulder press 3 RM
165# x 3

Push Press 3 RM
225# x 3

The Push press was heavy but felt great.....and the back felt fantastic. I had so much problem going overhead that doing this gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel 100%! Through in one last thing before the morning was over:

Deadlift 225# 10x EMOTM:
8 Rds + 2

My hands felt raw after everything from the weekend on and I quit prematurely. I liked this though.....burpees and swings tonight. I can definitely wait to do those!

Finally caught up with the blog.....weekends a way can make staying on top of things tough......hope everyone is getting some goo training in! And Lion....it was 9 T2B not 12....but way to go the extra mile!!!

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