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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Annie PR


Back was tight when I woke up this morning but when I got to the gym I rolled it out and it began feeling much better. So, I started my strength for the day:

Back Squat 5 x 5

185# x 5
225# x 5
275# x 5
305# x 5
325# x 5

I did not want to go any heavier than this because I want my back to continue to get better. After this:

Snatch 4 x 2

135# x 2
155# x 2
185# x 2
195# x 1

Back tightened up and I felt like I need to stop at 195#. I got it up easy and was going to go for 235# but thought it would be better not to. I rolled my back out until the class got there and then I did:


My time

I was stoked. My old PR was 5:34 but I knew I could beat that today. I had Brandon go against me since it is one of his best WODs and I knew he would push me. Thanks Brandon!

The rest of the day was spent with Jada and Chels on our Valentine's Day! i did do my nightly ritual though with a twist:

60 Burpees
60 KBS 1.5 (33 Straight)

My time

This sucked but I need to keep increasing it. I think I may do 2 Pood Swings starting next week. We will see. And I almost forgot I have a competition this Saturday in Ann Arbor.....It is gonna be awesome....hope the back holds up....I am hopeful it will!


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