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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slowly but Surely...

I am not the best at returning from injury......especially when I feel good shortly after it happened. I decided to take it slow with lighter weight but I want to bring up my volume more. I decided today was a good day to see where my back is. This morning:


Hang Power Clean
Air Squat

My time:

This felt good on the back. I liked the format.....grip became an issue later on. After this:


Push up

My time:

This was rough on the shoulders and I had to start breaking up the HSPU in the 15's. Will start doing this more at home. After this:

50 Burpees (1:48)
50 KBS (37 Straight)

My time:

I got the most straight swings but my time was not that good. I think I rested longer between the transition then normal. I did not want to push myself to hard though because I could feel my back tightening up.

Plan to do more after work....should be fun!


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