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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off day...into Pain day...

I took the day off yesterday other then my regular 50 Burpees. Which I PR'd!

50 Burpees
1:30 (PR)

I was happy considering I felt like I wasn't going fast.....but that was probably because I was at the box and had someone screaming at me once I hit Burpee 20 or 25.

Now the pain. I had big plans for today. I was going to start off with redoing the AF WOD 15. I was shooting to get 600 points which I figured may be enough to win. I got 500 2 days ago and was ready to go. I got done teaching the class and made my first mistake. I did not warm up properly.

I jumped into the WOD and on rep 76 or the PP with 45# DB's i hyper extended my back! Painful! It tightened right up and I could hardly walk. Fortunately I was able to foam roll it for about an hour and loosened it up. another stupid thing, I did about 10 rope climbs because it felt good......only to ice it later and have it tighten up again.

Currently it feels like my back is flexed and the muscle is throbbing. It is my whole middle back. I am really hoping that it will not last long and I can be at 100% very quick. I will continue to foam roll and ice as needed! This is no good, but a learning experience.


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