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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Wife Made up and Awesome WOD!

So.....we were asked to create WOD's that we would like to do. Mine was outrageous as usual.....but my wife cam up with a doozy and it was decided to be done today in class. I unfortunately had to work so I went in early to hit it up......and boy was it good:


OHS 95#
Sit ups
Pull ups

My time;

I was happy because I was able to go unbroken.....I did rest between exercises though....but all in all I was happy. I tried to do some heavy OHS with my back saying "no" to that. So I then tried some back squat.....and again...."no" came out loud and clear. So that left body weight stuff. Had a plan. First:


My score

I was pumped. but my shoe started coming off at around 200 and by the end I was holding onto it by my toes so i gave in to the inevitable. I will give it a go again because I felt real good all the way up to the end. Next:

400 M walking Lunge

My time:

This is just a gut check....do not stop. I walked back and forth 26 times in the gym to make it just over the 400 M for good measure.

I tried to run but the back was not happy about that either. So I ended the morning there. I plan to do more tonight when I get home. We will see what the body allows. It is not fun being limited by injury!!!!!

When I got home I did:

5 Rds
20 SDHP 95#
20 Pistols
20 Push ups

My time:

This WOD sucked.....I am not 100% sure that the time is right.  I deleted it from my watch and remember it being in the 12's.  The pistols hurt....I am guessing from all the lunges earlier.  After:

50 Burpees

My time:

Back hurt to much to do the KBS.


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