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Friday, January 21, 2011

Karen and Isabel

Woke up and feel much better today.....except I have a soreness in my throat, so I am hoping I am not coming down with something. I made up the WOD today from Karabel....with a twist. But, first we did:

1 RM Push Jerk (Front Rack)

285# x 1
305# x 1 (FAILED)


150 Wall Balls
30 Power Snatch 135#

My time;

I finished the first part in 7:46. That was not fun and then got the 30 snatches done in 3:59. This was rough but look forward to doing it again and bettering my score soon. Then again I say that about everything!

I will be hitting my burpees and KBS tonight....hoping for a PR and then tomorrow morning I will be doing OPT's Test! Should be fun.

50 Burpees
50 KBS 1.5 Pood

My time:


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