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Monday, January 17, 2011

Elizabeth (almost a Squat Clean PR)

Today we started out the class with finding 1 Rep Max Squat Clean:

295# (FAILED...could not stand with it)

I was so close! That would have been a PR.....next time. After this we did a new Nasty girl I have not done yet:


Squat Clean 135#
Ring Dips

My time:

This was a tough one...did the Regional Southeast WOD next:

4 Rds

4 MU's
8 KB Snatch 53# (each arm)

My time:

The dips hurt so much in me getting a good time....plus the soreness from the comp did not help. I did this awhile ago and my time was much worse. I could not get through the last rounds of the MU's. It then took a minute rest and:

Max KBS 53#

-1 Minute Rest-

Max Pull ups

I need to work on these so I will be doing max reps at the end of WODs.

Later that night I did my 50 Burpees:

My time:

It was hard to keep a good pace being so sore and tired. Will need to take it easy tomorrow.


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