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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diane (PR)

I have not posted in two days because.......well I really didn't do much but work.....made me feel like the worst athlete.  I have done a lot of KBS and DU's though.  Today was 27 KBS 53# on my way to increasing by one rep until I cannot do all of them....I started at 25.  Today I did get to hit some WOD's:


Deadlift 225

My Time:
2:38  (OLD PR 2:49)

I was happy about the time but I can still not go unbroken on the deadlifts. I will continue to work on them and get it unbroken soon.  After I did a Main Site WOD from awhile back:

7 Rds

10 Wall Balls 20#
10 Pull ups

My Time:

Had a distance to travel from wall to pull up bar....believe my time could have been faster if it was close.  I then did a workout that I had sent to a friend:

Rest 1 Minute between AMRAP's

5 Min AMRAP push up
4 Min AMRAP sit ups
3 Min AMRAP jumping jacks
2 Min AMRAP Burpees

The burpees sucked and went slow when I got to them....surprised me....also the push ups were hard!  I think I have lost some endurance in my push ups.


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