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Friday, January 28, 2011

Back Drama

Well today is the day after I hurt my back....and I am very happy because it is feeling 100X better then yesterday. It is definitely not 100% but it should be in the next day or two. I plan to do my burpees tonight and then hit some WODs at the house tomorrow. We will see how that plays out.

Sunday I am hoping to hit a WOD or two.....or if I am feeling real good THREE! We will see how i feel though......Hopefully 100%!

Excited to do a WOD.....this scare has made me really want to start enjoying the suck and not just think about the end result of getting better as much......ultimately that is the goal....but I want to remember the WODs and learn from them, and when I can enjoy them as well. Wish me luck!

At night I decided to do 100 Burpees:

My time:

They felt good but I did not want to push myself to hard. Went at a nice consistent pace.


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