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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Again Faster WOD 14

After teaching class today I hit this WOD up...and a good one at that. I did not have an exact goal to get except to get past RD 9 to move on. Now....the WOD:


KBS 70# - Thruster 95# Ladder

1/1 - 2/2 - 3/3...and so on until you run out of time (have to get over 9 rds to move to the next Rd)

11 Rds + 7 KBS

This one got very tiring after RD 8. I did this right after class and before training Broc. I will be doing some more tonight just not sure what. I do know that I will be doing 50 Burpees followed by 29 KBS 53# though. Good luck to me!

That night:

50 Burpees


29 KBS 53#


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