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Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Min AMRAP: 7 Front Squat 135# - 7 Toes 2 bar

Today I did an AMRAP that I had the classes do last week. I wanted to see where I would stand at it....plus it had a movement that will be in the Comp in 2 weeks down in Indianapolis! Here it is:

10 Min AMRAP

7 Front Squat 135#
7 Toes 2 Bar

My Score:
12 Rds

This was a good one, did not gas me just tried to go unbroken. I had the squat rack placed about 10-15 yards away from the pull up bar, so I was not gassed because of the distance to walk there. After this I did some back squats:

5 back Squat 225# every Min for 10 Min:

This went well and I am going to do this and increase weight....or reps, not sure yet. As you can tell there are many things I want to do.....but then I keep thinking of or finding new things to do. Finally I finished the morning with:

5 Rds

20 Hammer Swings 12# (10 each arm)
20 KB Swings 35#

My Time:

This had my forearms on fire! Never would have guessed that was going to happen. I will be back in the gym tonight to do a little more after I train Broc. Should be fun!

After training Broc I through down a WOD that I have not done in a long time.  Isabel - Old PR 3:23.

30 Snatches 135#

My Time:

Pumped.  Then later that night 50 Burpees:

My Time:


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