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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Wife Made up and Awesome WOD!

So.....we were asked to create WOD's that we would like to do. Mine was outrageous as usual.....but my wife cam up with a doozy and it was decided to be done today in class. I unfortunately had to work so I went in early to hit it up......and boy was it good:


OHS 95#
Sit ups
Pull ups

My time;

I was happy because I was able to go unbroken.....I did rest between exercises though....but all in all I was happy. I tried to do some heavy OHS with my back saying "no" to that. So I then tried some back squat.....and again...."no" came out loud and clear. So that left body weight stuff. Had a plan. First:


My score

I was pumped. but my shoe started coming off at around 200 and by the end I was holding onto it by my toes so i gave in to the inevitable. I will give it a go again because I felt real good all the way up to the end. Next:

400 M walking Lunge

My time:

This is just a gut check....do not stop. I walked back and forth 26 times in the gym to make it just over the 400 M for good measure.

I tried to run but the back was not happy about that either. So I ended the morning there. I plan to do more tonight when I get home. We will see what the body allows. It is not fun being limited by injury!!!!!

When I got home I did:

5 Rds
20 SDHP 95#
20 Pistols
20 Push ups

My time:

This WOD sucked.....I am not 100% sure that the time is right.  I deleted it from my watch and remember it being in the 12's.  The pistols hurt....I am guessing from all the lunges earlier.  After:

50 Burpees

My time:

Back hurt to much to do the KBS.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slowly but Surely...

I am not the best at returning from injury......especially when I feel good shortly after it happened. I decided to take it slow with lighter weight but I want to bring up my volume more. I decided today was a good day to see where my back is. This morning:


Hang Power Clean
Air Squat

My time:

This felt good on the back. I liked the format.....grip became an issue later on. After this:


Push up

My time:

This was rough on the shoulders and I had to start breaking up the HSPU in the 15's. Will start doing this more at home. After this:

50 Burpees (1:48)
50 KBS (37 Straight)

My time:

I got the most straight swings but my time was not that good. I think I rested longer between the transition then normal. I did not want to push myself to hard though because I could feel my back tightening up.

Plan to do more after work....should be fun!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Back Drama

Well today is the day after I hurt my back....and I am very happy because it is feeling 100X better then yesterday. It is definitely not 100% but it should be in the next day or two. I plan to do my burpees tonight and then hit some WODs at the house tomorrow. We will see how that plays out.

Sunday I am hoping to hit a WOD or two.....or if I am feeling real good THREE! We will see how i feel though......Hopefully 100%!

Excited to do a WOD.....this scare has made me really want to start enjoying the suck and not just think about the end result of getting better as much......ultimately that is the goal....but I want to remember the WODs and learn from them, and when I can enjoy them as well. Wish me luck!

At night I decided to do 100 Burpees:

My time:

They felt good but I did not want to push myself to hard. Went at a nice consistent pace.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off day...into Pain day...

I took the day off yesterday other then my regular 50 Burpees. Which I PR'd!

50 Burpees
1:30 (PR)

I was happy considering I felt like I wasn't going fast.....but that was probably because I was at the box and had someone screaming at me once I hit Burpee 20 or 25.

Now the pain. I had big plans for today. I was going to start off with redoing the AF WOD 15. I was shooting to get 600 points which I figured may be enough to win. I got 500 2 days ago and was ready to go. I got done teaching the class and made my first mistake. I did not warm up properly.

I jumped into the WOD and on rep 76 or the PP with 45# DB's i hyper extended my back! Painful! It tightened right up and I could hardly walk. Fortunately I was able to foam roll it for about an hour and loosened it up. another stupid thing, I did about 10 rope climbs because it felt good......only to ice it later and have it tighten up again.

Currently it feels like my back is flexed and the muscle is throbbing. It is my whole middle back. I am really hoping that it will not last long and I can be at 100% very quick. I will continue to foam roll and ice as needed! This is no good, but a learning experience.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nice Busy Day...AF WOD 15

Felt great and was ready for AF WOD 15. So lets get to it:

4 Min Push Press 45# DB (3 Pts)
3 Min Calorie Row (2 Pts)
2 Min Sit Ups (1 Pt)
1 Min Squat Clean 185# (4 Pts)

PP 120 = 360 Pts
Row 56 Calories = 112 Pts
Sit ups 50 = 50 Pts
Clean 7 = 28 Pts

Total Points:

I plan to redo this one tomorrow to increase my score to at least 580. After words I did Main Site:

3 Rds

12 MU's
75 Air Squats

My time:

Awesome WOD to work on MU's. Then that night:


4 Ring HSPU
8 KBS 2 Pood
12 GHD sit ups

My Score:
5 Rds + 3 KBS

2 Minute Rest

3 Min AMRAP 225# Back Squat

My score:
20 (Legs were shot)

right into 3 Min Max Pull ups

My score:

This was not done at a crazy fast speed but it finished off a good day. This made me decide to take off Wed because of how my legs and arms were beginning to feel. Getting better 1 day at a time!


This was a 2009 Games WOD. I had never done it but instead of Paralette HSPU I did Ring HSPU.

1/24/2011....Late Post

I just started teaching late classes at the Box. This is great......many more clients have been signing up and it has been great to be able to open up more classes. Unfortunately I had the blog take a back seat for a few days.

On Monday I did some good stuff:

EMOTM for 10 Min Clean & Jerk:

I worked my way up to 285# and Failed at that weight then we started the EMOTM:

Started at 265# and Failed in the 3rd minute and dropped weight to 255#......and again failed.....so I again dropped weight to 245#. On the last minute I increased weight to 255#. My back was shot after this. Literally it was not good to me....haha.

Then we did:


400M Run (in the snow)
30 Box Jumps 24'
30 Wall balls

My time:

This was tough with all the snow and everything being all wet....but in the 4th and 5th Rd I was able to speed up in the jumps and wall balls. This was still brutal!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Box Plans always change

I had planned to get up early hit some strength and a met-con before I coached at 8 am. Instead I woke up and still felt horrible so I decided to hold off and take the day off. Not that I wanted to.....and it hurts me to do that....but I felt it necessary. When I got to the box the client I was going to coach did not make it in. So I decided to do some work and not waste my morning before work:

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

205# x 3
225# x 3
245# x 3
265# x 3
285# x 3
305# x 3

Felt good lifting this but I know I can do more healthy. After I decided to do a met-con:

5 Rds

10 Toes 2 Bar
10 Box Jumps 30'
10 Ring Dips

My time:

50 Burpees (1:44)
50 KBS 1.5 Pood (35 Straight)

My time:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

OPT Challenge

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather with a sore throat and the body a bit achy. I still decided to do the 3 WOD Challenge. i was not happy with my scores but, it is what it is. Here we go:

4 Min AMRAP:

4 DL 325#
4 MU's

My Score
2 Rds + 3 MU's

-8 Min rest-

6 Min AMRAP:

6 Squat Clean 185#

My score
3 Rds + 3 Squat Clean

-6 Min Rest-

8 Min AMRAP:

500 M Row
10 C2B Pull ups
10 Burpees

My score
2 Rds + 200 M Row

This just did not feel that rough on me.....I also felt I didn't or couldn't push at all and rested an awful lot. Good design though. I will be starting a strict DL program tonight that I will do for 10 days to see if I can get my DL up in weight. I pulled 415# today in the gym after doing this. I wish it was so much more!

When I got home:

50 burpees (1:45)
50 KBS 1.5

My time:

After I went in the basement with the wifey and Deadlifted:

2 Sets
295# x 3

6 Sets
315# x 3

1 x 2

Overall a good night. Still felt sick but was a ble to get through it.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Karen and Isabel

Woke up and feel much better today.....except I have a soreness in my throat, so I am hoping I am not coming down with something. I made up the WOD today from Karabel....with a twist. But, first we did:

1 RM Push Jerk (Front Rack)

285# x 1
305# x 1 (FAILED)


150 Wall Balls
30 Power Snatch 135#

My time;

I finished the first part in 7:46. That was not fun and then got the 30 snatches done in 3:59. This was rough but look forward to doing it again and bettering my score soon. Then again I say that about everything!

I will be hitting my burpees and KBS tonight....hoping for a PR and then tomorrow morning I will be doing OPT's Test! Should be fun.

50 Burpees
50 KBS 1.5 Pood

My time:


Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is up with my body

I took off one day and then hit the gym hard on Monday after the Comp. Since my body has been speaking to me.......stop.....slow down.....so I have been. But I feel it will keep saying this until the end of the weekend. I am very sore and definitely not able to get much out of my workouts.

I started today with heavy snatch but failed multiple times at 205#....this should be easy! I then went to heavy push jerk and failed at 275#. That was it...I decided to hold off on doing a met-con and instead I did:

2 K Row

My time:

I burnt out at the end. When I got home:

50 Burpees (1:45)
50 KBS 1.5 pood (27 unbroken)

My time:

This is horrible.....so.....I will continue to do it. It is one of those things that I stare at my watch and the ground for multiple minutes waiting to hit the button....knowing all to well what I am about to feel in a very short period of time. It is a love hate relationship! I love to hate it!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I tried to do Angie when we lived in Granger but I had to stop on the sit ups and finished in 16 something without completing the whole workout. So I had an idea to do this.....all body weight movements along with some low weight high rep squats. The class did great and it looked something like this:

3 Min Max Back Squat 95# (used 10 inch box)

My Score:



100 Pull ups
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Air squats

My time:

Then I got home and wanted to work on KBS:

50 Burpees (1:41)
50 KBS 1.5 Pood

My time:

This sucked.....and it made a goal for me.....unbroken to 50! Not sure when but I will do this multiple times a week!

Great day and going to go get 1 YR pictures with wife and baby today! She is getting so big and running all over the place now...Love my ladies!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was laying in bed last night planning out the next few days of training in my head......then I woke up and got smart. Don't do anything today so u can wreck yourself tomorrow! Great idea. I woke up still sore and my body was telling me not to do anything. I went to the gym....coached the class and then did some DU's....and

I PR'd on Max DU's on my first try:

My score:
119 (PR)

That was cool but I know I can do a lot more. i will have to do max DU's in 2 Min.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Elizabeth (almost a Squat Clean PR)

Today we started out the class with finding 1 Rep Max Squat Clean:

295# (FAILED...could not stand with it)

I was so close! That would have been a PR.....next time. After this we did a new Nasty girl I have not done yet:


Squat Clean 135#
Ring Dips

My time:

This was a tough one...did the Regional Southeast WOD next:

4 Rds

4 MU's
8 KB Snatch 53# (each arm)

My time:

The dips hurt so much in me getting a good time....plus the soreness from the comp did not help. I did this awhile ago and my time was much worse. I could not get through the last rounds of the MU's. It then took a minute rest and:

Max KBS 53#

-1 Minute Rest-

Max Pull ups

I need to work on these so I will be doing max reps at the end of WODs.

Later that night I did my 50 Burpees:

My time:

It was hard to keep a good pace being so sore and tired. Will need to take it easy tomorrow.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great Lakes invitational

This was an awesome even! All day Saturday we competed in 5 events to find the top athlete. There was a lot going on over the day and i met a lot of awesome people! excited for the next competition. Here is how the whole thing went down:

Event 1:


8 Deadlifts 185# (rep does not count until bar hits the ground with hands still on it, no dropping)
8 Over the box jump 24'

My score:
9 Rds even (2nd Place)

-1 Min Rest-

Event 2:

Max Thruster 135#

My score:
18 (Tied 4th Place)

Event 3:


OHS 95#
Burpess hand-release over the bar

My time:
6:14 (2nd place)

Event 4:

3 Rds
20 Back Squat 115#
20 Toes 2 Bar
20 DU's

My time:
5:51 (4nd Place)

Final Event 5:

50 Calorie Row
30 Clean & Jerk 155#
40 Calorie Row
40 Pull ups
30 Calorie Row
50 KBS 53#

My time:
16:31 (2nd Place)

Overall I finished 1st Place and had a total score of 14 points. It was an awesome event but helped me learn some gaps in my training that I can take back and work on. excited to keep training and get better.

Special thanks to my wife who made my life so easy...all I had to do was workout! She took care of our daughter...had food prepared for me....was at my beckon call....recorded everything...cheered me on....and did so much more.....she made me stay focused on track....without her it would have not been as easy for me. Thank you so much!!!! I love you and appreciate you more then you will ever know. Thank you and she did it the whole time with a SMILE on her face!!!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Grace PR

Yesterday I went to the gym for a last workout before the comp on Saturday the 15th. Started with:

1 K Row

My Time:



My Time:

Felt awesome about this. I went hard but did not completely go all out. The weight felt pretty light and I PR'd by :16 seconds. I did this workout 2 or 3 weeks ago and got 1:57.......so the improvement made me happy. Decided after talking to Bryn...the one holding the competition...that I would take the rest of the day off. I am very excited and ready for the competition tomorrow!!!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Ready for the weekend

One thing that is difficult for me is doing what is best for my body before a competition. I told myself I am going to take off Friday.....but what to do on Thursday.

I believe I am going to do some sprints.....Death by Tens....and then Row a 2K. Sounds like a plan to me. Maybe do Grace as well. Then the comp is on Saturday which I am siked for!!! Today though was a nice easy day:

8 Minutes to complete (rest remaining time)

500M Row
40 Air Squat
30 Sit ups
20 Push ups Hand Release
10 Pull ups

My Time:



3 135# Hang power Clean
6 Clapping Push ups with Hand Release

My Score:
12 Rds

Got home and did:

50 burpees

I normally wait until night to do the burpees but I wanted to get these done earlier today. i will go home and do some KB swings...30 to be exact!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Again Faster WOD 14

After teaching class today I hit this WOD up...and a good one at that. I did not have an exact goal to get except to get past RD 9 to move on. Now....the WOD:


KBS 70# - Thruster 95# Ladder

1/1 - 2/2 - 3/3...and so on until you run out of time (have to get over 9 rds to move to the next Rd)

11 Rds + 7 KBS

This one got very tiring after RD 8. I did this right after class and before training Broc. I will be doing some more tonight just not sure what. I do know that I will be doing 50 Burpees followed by 29 KBS 53# though. Good luck to me!

That night:

50 Burpees


29 KBS 53#


Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to Main Site

I love to do Main Site WODs....but we seem to never do them in the Box. We went back in time today and did a WOD from a week or two ago:

5 Rds

10 Wall Climb
10 Toes 2 Bar
20 Box Jumps 24"

My Time

The wall Climbs were rough and really slowed me down. I also found out that the Games this year have a first place prize of $250,000. Motivation?....i think so. i def do not do this for the money but it would be nice to win. I need to continue my training and not slack at all! i will be doing the Again faster Comp WOD 14 tomorrow. i am currently in 2nd place after the 1st WOD, tied with Austin malleolo for 2nd.

I also have to do my KBS (28) and hit my 50 burpees.

50 Burpees

-right in to-

28 KBS 53#


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diane (PR)

I have not posted in two days because.......well I really didn't do much but work.....made me feel like the worst athlete.  I have done a lot of KBS and DU's though.  Today was 27 KBS 53# on my way to increasing by one rep until I cannot do all of them....I started at 25.  Today I did get to hit some WOD's:


Deadlift 225

My Time:
2:38  (OLD PR 2:49)

I was happy about the time but I can still not go unbroken on the deadlifts. I will continue to work on them and get it unbroken soon.  After I did a Main Site WOD from awhile back:

7 Rds

10 Wall Balls 20#
10 Pull ups

My Time:

Had a distance to travel from wall to pull up bar....believe my time could have been faster if it was close.  I then did a workout that I had sent to a friend:

Rest 1 Minute between AMRAP's

5 Min AMRAP push up
4 Min AMRAP sit ups
3 Min AMRAP jumping jacks
2 Min AMRAP Burpees

The burpees sucked and went slow when I got to them....surprised me....also the push ups were hard!  I think I have lost some endurance in my push ups.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rest day.....New KB

Well....I trained this morning and decided to take the day off. What I did decided to do was start increasing my KB Max swings.

I am going to increase my swings by 1 rep everyday hoping to get to 100. I did 25....starting low to make sure I can build up. We will see how this goes.
That night I did my burpees:
50 burpees:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Kettle Bell!

Today I got a 1.5 Pood KB....with a 2 Pood on the way! Pumped. Didn't get to work out with it but did some other stuff:

Tabata Sprints
12% Incline

315# x 5
315# x 5
315# x 3
335# x 3
355# x 3
375# x 3
395# x 1
375# x 1

Max DU's:


40 Minutes to Complete: Reps
2 Min AMRAPs of each

KB Swings 55# (used DB...not anymore though) 53
1ft Jump and touch 121
DL 225# 42
GHD Sit ups 33
DU's 123
Row 606M
Ring Dips 51
Run 12% Incline .263 Miles


Then that night:

50 Burpees:

2:11 (I stopped a lot)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

AF WOD 13....Snatch PR

So....today was the day to hit WOD 13. I was shooting for 6 Rds:


9 Back Squat 155#
7 burpees
5 Push Jerk 155#

My Score:
5 Rds + 3 Push Jerk

I was happy with my score but 2 more reps and I would have had 6. Rd 4 on the last Jerk I dropped the bar because I failed a rep. Then I had to clean it up to get the rep. That hurt me. I was happy with the end result though.

After I finished I did some more:

5 Rds

10 GHD
30 DU's

My Time:

Then I set a NEW PR...Again in the Snatch!:

185# x 2
205# x 1
215# x 1
225# x 1 (FAILED)
225# x 1
235# x 1 (FAILED twice)

Right into Clean & Jerk:

235# x 1
245# x 1
255# x 1
265# x 1
275# x 1
285# x 1 (FAILED the Jerk)

After the workout I got an hour massage that was awesome by Missy. Will have to start doing that more. Well.....got better.....will continue to get better tomorrow!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

New AF Comp

I love these Again Faster Competitions. I just finished 2nd in the last 3 WOD comp. I was in first until the last 2 hours where someone beat me by 4 reps.......oh well, that's why I need to get better! Can't leave it to chance.

Today I went to the gym with some really sore legs. I had seen Main Site and was hoping the class was going to do it.....which we did:

3 Rds

400 M Run
30 OHS 75#
21 Pull ups

My Time:

My first running WOD since all the snow. Need to do more of this....I am thinking of making my Tabata Sprints longer instead of only :20. I had an idea from Brandon to do :40 on and :20 off. I will work on tabata for that. Still those sprints kill my legs. Took the rest of the day off....except my burpees tonight....cannot forget those.

Tomorrow the Again Faster WOD.

50 Burpees


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quick Post

Quick post.  This morning:

3 Rds

15 Hang Power Clean
15 burpees

My Time:

At night after I trained Broc:

Row 2K

My Time:


4 MU's every minute for ten minutes:

Made it to 7 and on Rd 8 I popped a blister so I stopped.  Good time!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Min AMRAP: 7 Front Squat 135# - 7 Toes 2 bar

Today I did an AMRAP that I had the classes do last week. I wanted to see where I would stand at it....plus it had a movement that will be in the Comp in 2 weeks down in Indianapolis! Here it is:

10 Min AMRAP

7 Front Squat 135#
7 Toes 2 Bar

My Score:
12 Rds

This was a good one, did not gas me just tried to go unbroken. I had the squat rack placed about 10-15 yards away from the pull up bar, so I was not gassed because of the distance to walk there. After this I did some back squats:

5 back Squat 225# every Min for 10 Min:

This went well and I am going to do this and increase weight....or reps, not sure yet. As you can tell there are many things I want to do.....but then I keep thinking of or finding new things to do. Finally I finished the morning with:

5 Rds

20 Hammer Swings 12# (10 each arm)
20 KB Swings 35#

My Time:

This had my forearms on fire! Never would have guessed that was going to happen. I will be back in the gym tonight to do a little more after I train Broc. Should be fun!

After training Broc I through down a WOD that I have not done in a long time.  Isabel - Old PR 3:23.

30 Snatches 135#

My Time:

Pumped.  Then later that night 50 Burpees:

My Time: