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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You Challenge

So I created you challenge for people to challenge each other. So far i have......1 challenge.....no takers.......but me. i did the challenge today to post and let people see it:

25 burpees (Hand release
6 rds
5 Clean and jerks 155#
10 push ups (Hand release)
25 burpees (Hand release)

2 Minutes to get 1 rep Max Clean and jerk

My Time:

Clean and Jerk:

Have no idea where to gage this but happy with my time.

Now was time for the class. We started with lateral run Death by 10. i finished with 14. Then we jumped into 1 minute of Max jumping Pull ups - 21. Still more before the WOD.......Turkish Get ups. I have not done these in a very long time. I got 100# DB and a 95# BB.....Failed at 115# BB. I will work on this.

The WOD was a good one:

4 Minutes Max Reps:

Calorie Row 84
Back Squat 45# 109
Push up (45# plates) 71
DB Snatch 70

Total Reps

This one was good....I felt good on the row and did not rest once on the squats.....the push ups and snatches on the other hand got me! Rough but a good one!

Thinking of retrying the Again Faster WOD again tomorrow to try and reach 10 Rds!!


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