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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shoulder Press PR

I do not do to many workouts with the style of tabata.......:20 sec on - :10 sec off: 8 Rds. I got to the gym in the morning and started off with:

Tabata Sprints:

12% Incline

This hurts your hammies and butt.....can see a benefit if I keep this up. Then the class got ready to start and we did 1000 M Row. We did not have enough rowers so I did:

100 SDHP w/45# Oly bar

This is the equivalent to a 1000M Row in Crossfit standards. I did not time myself on the exercise. After that we did some rough Band Sprints.

We had a partner and ran with a green band around us while the other person held resistance. When we reached the end of the gym we ran backwards to the beginning.....cycling through this 6 times......I demonstrated so I did 7.....weak in the legs after this.

We then took a break from the legs and did:

1 Rep Mac Shoulder Press:

135# x 1
165# x 1
175# x 1 (PR)
185# x 1 (PR)

It felt good to get 185# up. I hit a point halfway up where I was not sure if I would finish the lift. Fortunately i had someone yell at me which gave me the extra umff I needed.

When everyone was done we had 1 last thing on the agenda. More Tabatas....but this time it was with Deadlifts. I was planning to use the Main Site for the Deadlifting the other day but this was something I had never done before:

Tabata Deadlifts 315#


By set 5 I started losing feeling in my legs.....haha......this was rough.....especially after the band sprints. I will keep this type of training in my back pocket. Great day, Burpees tonight!

50 Burpees:


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