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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Southeast Regional WOD

I saw someone had done this WOD the other day and new I had to hit it. They did it in 3:49 which was flying and I new that is the time I wanted. Problem was I had never done that sort of combination together:

4 Rds

4 MU's
8 Rt arm KB Swings 1.5 Pood
8 Lt arm KB Swings 1.5 Pood

My Time:

I had to use a 55# DB because we do not have any KB. Next time I will do better and I have a goal of getting sub 4! It will be done. After this I did:

2k Row

My Time:

Rowing hurts. Then:


My Time:
1:57 (PR)

I PR'd on Grace which was 2 flat. I also have a goal of getting this under 1;45. These goals are to be done around my Birthday on February 13th.

Later that night:

100 KB Swings 35# (did it non stop)

My Time:

Tabata Sprints:

My Score:
19 Rds (started at 5)


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