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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nice to See You Back

Nice to see you back on here Lion. How have things been? This will not allow me to post on your a blog right now so I figured I would give a shout out. Training has been good my way...sounds like things may be different on your end. i got FRAN in 2:10 the other day! Fill me in on how things are?!

Today was another good day. I redid the Again Faster WOD 11 which I had gotten 8:10 on:

200 Double Unders
9000# Deadlift
75 Thrusters 45#

Broke it up:

4 Rds

50 DU's
10 DL 225#
20 Thrusters (Rd 4 15 Thrusters)

My Time:

Very happy! Then:

135# x 1
155# x 1
175# x 1
185# x 1
195# x 1
205# x 1
215# x 1
220# x 1 (PR)
225# x 1 (FAILED)

After that decided to do an old favorite:

Tabata Sprints:
12% Incline

Going to the gym with the wife tomorrow, thinking of throwing in some KB Swings, MU's and Tabata DL. Should be a fun day!

50 burpees:


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