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Monday, December 6, 2010

Main Site

Today's Main Site was Awesome! I saw it last night and new I wanted to get at it:


Power Snatch 115#
Wall Ball 20#

My Time:

I was hoping for sub 14.....so I was happy with my time. This was good for me because after being sick I have been down about how my fitness was going to be when I was healthy again. Nice to know that I can still go after a WOD. After the WOD I did:

Tabata Sprints (on a treadmill)

12 Incline
9 Speed

This burned the buttocks and the Hammies like no other! Going to hope for a good Main Site WOD to hit hard tomorrow and then try to throw a strength and another WOD in the mix. Soon I will hitting my 50 Burpees.

50 Burpees:

My Time:


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