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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Disco

I woke up this morning and I was pretty sore.......then I thought.....my sister is probably wrecked!

I had a text at about mid night from Broc that he wanted to train in the morning at 7:30.....problem was it was past Midnight. It was a go though and I was up and out and ready to do some work after I trained him. I started with heavy lifting:

Power Snatch

135# x 2
155# x 2
175# x 2
185# x 2
185# x 1
195# x 1
205# x 1
215# x 1 (FAILED)

Then went to Power Clean

215# x 1
225# x 1
235# x 1
245# x 1
255# x 1
265# x 1

Stopped there because I was fatigued and new I still had the 9:00 AM WOD to do:

We started class with AMRAP Air Squats 2 Minutes - Men vs Women:

I did 115 reps. Women ended up winning by 3 reps. They did good, but they should have never won!

Then was the WOD....Crossfit Disco:


Power Clean 75% Body weight (used 135#)
Pull ups


I thought this WOD would be very easy, but it hurt. I had to break up some of the pull ups in the mid sets because my biceps were hurting so bad. I think it was the combination of the lifts that did it.

was at work late so only did 25 burpees in the with no time.


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