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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1 through 10

I had done a WOD a few months back that I saw on the Journal. Jason Khalipa and Chris Spealler went against each other on the WOD. i did it and was beat by both of them. I decided to try it again......and again was beat by both of them:

Clean & jerk 155#
1 Rd Cindy

My Time:
15:58 (Khalipa 14:15 and Spealler crushed that)

I had the classes do this workout and it was a doozy. After the WOD I had everyone do Max OHS and Max Back Squat 1 minute rest between each:

My Score:
OHS 95#:

1 Minute Rest

Back Squat 95#:

I was hoping for more Back Squats but that just was not happening. After the squats I did Tabata Sprints:

12 Incline

I have these scheduled 3 times a week for my sprinting. They are rough and I love it.

On a side note my wife did over 140 Back Squats with 65#.....there is no way I could have done that great job!!

50 Burpees:


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