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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It has been a rough two days. Somehow I cam down with something yesterday so instead of going to the gym I did Yoga at home....the worst Yoga session of my life! They work was horrible and I was so drained. I initially thought I was really sore until I realized my body was just drained and fatigued from what was headed my way.

When I got home from work I started feeling worse.....and eventually was in bed with 100.7 temperature. I woke up numerous times throughout the night in puddles of my own sweat! YUCK!! I got up early and headed to the box for a 5:30AM class and then a 7:00 Training session. I did not do anything.....feel much better though....I must have sweat it all out. I am feeling that tomorrow will be better. Still....I am not used to this stuff....hope it doesn't happen for a long time....or EVER again!

Haven't done Burpees these days because of how I have felt....Today I did 10 and felt like I was going to break.


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