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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smart Rest

I realized this morning as I was waking up to go to the gym that I need to be smarter....not just in how I train but how I rest. Sometimes I need time off to think and to completely rest. I decided to get back in bed. I did absolutely nothing yesterday and was going to hit it hard today.......until I decided another Active day off is not a bad idea and then I could hit 3 WOD's tomorrow.

I understand that I have awhile until Sectionals and need to keep my body healthy until then. As I get close I will not have this rest time because I will work through it.

I popped onto the AgainFaster.com site to see what the new WOD for the week was:


Deadlift 225# / OHS 135#

I just did this one last week and will be doing it again tomorrow. I am hoping to beat my last time and submit a video. We will find out early in the morning.

I have to then figure out my strength work and what I will be doing for my other WOD's. Cannot wait to hit it hard again tomorrow.....I will admit I did something this morning:

5 Rds Max Reps 95# Hang clean (1 Minute rest between sets)

1) 32
2) 15
3) 14
4) 13
5) 13


100 Air Squats for time


After I got to 50 (flying I might add) my quads caught fire and I could barely string them together. Tough and will have to do better down the road when I do this.


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