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Friday, November 5, 2010


I used to run a lot once I graduated from college.....but.....since Crossfit.....that has taken a back seat.

Today I woke up earl and bypassed the gym for my running shoes. I ran about 4 miles today which took me 32:33. Felt very good to be out running. Need to get out and do this some more. I ran to my spot that I will using as a bench mark. I plan to be at about 28 minutes in a few months.

After my run I did some quick Yoga. Unfortunately I was limited on time because I had to be at work early in the morn.

That night: I got home from work and hung out for awhile until I jumped off the couch to do 100 burpees.....which turned into 50 by the time I got there because my quads caught fire. Yesterday did a number on them.

My Time:


Not bad.....next time I will have to PR.

Tomorrow should be a fun day traveling out to visit my dad and visiting Crossfit Crown Point to do a WOD at their gym.


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