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Friday, November 12, 2010

Running with Nancy

I was ready this morning and new what was coming. Nancy.........5Rds: 400M Run - 15 OHS 95#. This workout I have done a few times but never with the right distance on the run. I normally run a little farther then 400M. Today was the day for a PR. my old PR was 12:12. We warmed up today with a strength aspect:

3-3-3-3-3 Power Clean Max 1:30 per Rd


I used 245# the whole time and we had a clock that aloud 1:30 to complete each Rd of 3 reps. I was happy because I finished with no failed reps. next time I will increase my weight to between 250# and 255#. After the Strength we jumped into Nancy:

5 Rds:

400M Run
15 OHS 95#

My Time:
11:08 (PR)

Always very happy to PR. I did have a hick up. After about :20 into the first run I realized my shoes were not on tight. As soon as I finished I had to tie my shoes and double knot them. This, I believe, cost me my sub 11 minute time. So.....I know there is room for improvement. I had to jet out after the WOD but was very excited.

On a side note, I am excited for our trip to Indy and see all of our friends and also workout at Crossfitindynorth. You can check out there blog at crossfitsouthbend.com.

Tonight when I got home I decided to do Burpees.....50....or....100? I left it up to Chels.....I know I said on here that next time I do 50 it would be a PR (1:38 or less). Well, Chels decided that I do 50 and then when I get there she will tell me the time and then I go from there....so maybe 100.

I hit 50 and she said.....1:43.......I stopped looked at her and she said......are you done.......I say "YES". I thought no PR but I held some in just in case I was going to keep going. I then told myself next time is 100. 50 is to easy now and I still have plenty left after I am done. I need to push myself and go for under 4:00!!


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